May 2013

Press Kit


Stategy Guides:
A timeless game, beautifully tailored to the iPhone.

Unlike other chess apps, Tall Chess uses the entire screen of the device to present the game board, keeping the focus on the game, not extraneous and unnecessary interface elements. This emphasis on simplicity and usability extends to all parts of the app.

  • Challenge your friends on Game Center or play an
    adjustable computer opponent
  • Play with beautiful pieces and boards designed
    specifically for iPhone
  • Effortlessly review your last move or the entire game with the swipe of a finger
  • Play multiple games, simultaneously, on beautiful colored boards
  • Upgrade the computer opponent for full playing style customization
  • For the chess nerds: export your games in algebraic notation
  • Up to 70% taller than ordinary chess!

Go download Tall Chess for free on the App Store, and challenge your friends!